I’m Geoff McNeely and I’m an Anthropreneur.


Yeah, I know. People make up stupid names all the time trying to be clever. Wasn’t Tyler Durden clever? Anyhow. Yes, I am clever. The Doctor is clever. So bear with me.

I make up words because sometimes existing words fail to capture the essence of a thing adequately. Let me share a bit about why I chose to make up this word by sharing its’ essence.

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Hey anthropreneurs…

So I haven’t mastered the whole “posting on a schedule” thing yet. I mean to, and I want to, but I haven’t been able to create the quality content I want for you yet. So instead of doing the whole “so the blog goes dark” thing I am going to let you know what I am doing and what I am working on to share with you.

First off, I have a day job, and that demands a big focus of my brain waves and bandwidth. So I have to find time to write in the morning or evenings. And on that note, I have 3 kids, 2, 4 and 7. So they want me at night. Hence my dilemma.

Second, I am working feverishly in my nonexistent spare time to get AidBand launched. This is a personal communication device my wife and I invented that we’re launching on KickStarter soon. I am working to create a prototype that is passable enough to put on KickStarter without looking like a fool. Hopefully I will soon begin documenting that process more deeply over here but for now I am spending cycles designing a PCB (printed circuit board) for the prototype, and writing the firmware to connect both units wirelessly. Thankfully, Felix at LowPowerLabs has made an awesome library that I am using to get this off the ground. Keep your fingers crossed!

Then I am working on customer development but spending some time with some Power Pivot prospects. You can read my post over here on Rob Collie’s blog. I am working on a PowerPivot based solutions for the staffing industry, restaurants, and soon commercial real estate. This is an experiment in rapid prototyping and finding problems worth solving in the hope they can pan out to more work.

I am also working on some case studies for you folks here on The Anthropreneur. I am working with a language tutor to get her business systems in place so she can automate lead generation and service delivery. Fun! I am also working with a Life Coach, advising on pricing models and customer management systems. Oh, and an old college friend has some books for children (he’s an elementary school teacher) and I want to help him set up an online marketing strategy to get these in the hands of more teachers and parents.

Each of those will have lessons learned that any freelancer or solopreneur can use when developing new products and testing hypotheses. I hope they’ll be useful for you.

Oh, and if anyone can help me find and add awesome pictures to my posts, and help me do links (there are probably 5 or 6 things in this post that are worthy of linking, but I SUCK at that) in my posts, that would be really cool. I barely have the bandwidth to write these posts, let alone do all the SEO keyword social media pimping goodness that is possible. Maybe my lovely StrawberryTech will be able to help me find a process for this.

So there you go, folks: another post! Keep doing amazing things and I’ll keep working on getting better for you!


Hey anthropreneurs! I am working on putting together my publication schedule and working out all the kinks. I sent out some emails before the launch of the blog asking for some feedback and I received a lot of great responses! I am currently reviewing some products for myself, including Base CRM and Wave Apps. And I am working with one client to get her all set up with some basic business process automation. I’ll be documenting that and sharing with you as we go.

For now, I’ll leave you with the same questions I asked of my early adopters and hope that you give me some feedback in the comments. My goal is to get three of you to comment so help me hit my targets!

This is a request for your input as a freelancer/small business owner. I want to help you out! I am making the assumption that you are part of my target audience for my blog, so let me write for you!

Can you give me the top 3 things that would help you to know more about, from a systems and tools for your business perspective? Examples include a contact management strategy, lead capture and CRM set up, project planning and task management, etc.

I am going to write a series of “systems strategies for early growth entrepreneurs” where I share a bunch of how-tos for using systems to make your business run better. I’d love to help you in the process.

What do you want to know?

There you have it! More soon. Keep on working smarter!

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In our society, every single human being has power and has ability. Each one has dignity and inherent value. The catch comes when we don’t learn this. And by learn this, I don’t mean read it in a book or have a lecture on the topic. By learn this I mean experience it. Have a chance to feel what it means to practice their powers and abilities.

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We must create a new tribe. A tribe of humans who share values and want to work together. Inspired by Occupy, I am imagining a community of people who come together to break bread and think big and to come up with the connections needed to create a world where everyone has a chance to succeed and is encouraged to fulfill their promise.

The separation of church and state was not about religion. It was about power and control. And that intention has been perverted over the last century. And we, the people, have been hoodwinked.

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